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Farm Glance
No two farming systems are alike, partly because farmers are often too busy to see how other farms get the job done. Here is an attempt at spreading some good ideas around. Click here.

The Pacific Precursor

May 2010 turned out to be just too far away for us (Jordan and Vanessa), so we arranged a shorter route through Oregon and Northern California while we wait for Eastern Canada to warm up.  Same idea–a farm focused bike tour–as we pedal down to Davis to reconnect with some friends before we take the train Northeast to meet Alex and Virginie.  Click here.

Gear Review

On a long bike trip one’s various pieces of equipment are capable of inspiring both passionate odes and bitter rants. This category is devoted to posts from both ends of the spectrum. Click here.

Bien que trois d’entre nous soient bilingues, le groupe compte une francophone: nous ne pourrons pas traduire la totalité des billets (posts), mais nous avons l’intention d’écrire en français le plus souvent possible. Les billets au contenu francophone sont répertoriés dans cette catégorie.Cliquez ici.

Growing Opportunities
The high cost of farmland is a significant challenge facing new farmers today. One of the reasons we are cycling to visit different farms is to learn about the creative and succesful models that farmers are using to access farm land and finance new farms. This is where we will share our findings and hopefully help others find opportunities to grow. Click here.

Trip Journal

This category provides general updates, including anecdotes from our journey. Click here.

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  1. Martin Turcot permalink
    May 23, 2010 7:03 am

    Bonjour à tous,

    Je tenais en mon nom et au nom de Chantale à vous remercier encore une fois pour votre précieuse contribution au cours de votre visite. Nous trouvons que vous avez un merveilleux projet et que vous êtes habités par une belle éngergie.

    J’ai pensé à plusieurs trucs pour votre section “Farm Glance”. Entre autres, je prendrai une photo de notre nouveau planteur en action. Nous l’avons finalement reçu jeudi et nous l’avons mis à l’épreuve samedi. Après les ajustements habituels nous avons eu la chance de constater son efficacité. Ce n’est pas parfait mais l’économie en temps est vraiment significative.

    Je vous reviens bientôt et au plaisir de vous lire et de croiser votre route de nouveau.

    Martin Turcot
    Ferme aux pleines saveurs

  2. Andrew Stairs permalink
    July 5, 2010 6:21 pm

    I have an 800 acre farm in Hemmingford, south of Montreal. Due to a lingering illness, I am looking for partners,or new owners, etc…. Am open to any and all proposals.

    This farm is not certified organic yet, but it has been without pesticides since 1999 and without commercial fertilisers since 2006. Great landbase, with muck soils for vegetables and loam soils for field crops and hayfields galore. Mostly tile drained. Extensive and well-equipped facilities, mature forests, river, etc… Give me a call 450.247.0143.

    Established direct-marketing to restaurants and farmers’ markets in Montreal since 1997. Stable and loyal clientele. As I said, please call me at 450.247.0143 if you have any interest.

    Many thanks. ANDREW

  3. November 17, 2010 6:55 am

    Your blog is amazing.
    I work for an organization in Sackville NB, ACORN. You may be familiar. We were reading your posts under Farm Glance and were hoping to get permission to link your blog and use your photos on our website.

    If you’re not familiar, please check out our website.

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