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This blog was started in April of 2010 by four friends about to embark on a farm-focused bike tour of Eastern Canada and New England together.  The trip was all about exploration: of the farming opportunities in Eastern Canada, of the various land tenure models and farming systems that successful farmers were using, and of the potential of the group to live and work together, since all four envisioned a farm involving some sort of partnership.  As we four pedaled along, we took turns posting about our experiences.  Most posts concerned our farm visits, while others dealt a bit playfully with life on the road.  Feel free to check them out–they’re all archived (category: 2010 Bike Trip)

The trip ended and we stopped publishing posts for a while.  But with encouragement from some of our readers, we’ve decided to start posting again.  Henceforth, we’ll be blogging about our efforts to get our respective farms started (category: Adventures in Farming) and cool opportunities and resources for new farmers (category: Growing Opportunities).  Hopefully, we’ll be able to entice other new farmers to blog about their experiences too.  New farmers: contact us if you want to post about something.

We hope you enjoy the blog!

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